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Residential Holiday Lighting in New Jersey

For many people, the holidays are a time for relaxation and merriment with friends and family. Unfortunately, holiday decorating oftentimes takes time away from those who matter most, but not anymore. When you give our team a call, you can count on us to take the hassle out of your holiday decorating. Based in New Jersey, we specialize in holiday lighting services that will leave your home and yard shining bright with the holiday spirit. Whether you opt for a simple theme or want to put Clark Griswold to shame with a lighting show spectacular, the experienced professionals at Holiday Decorating of New Jersey have you covered.

Installing Holiday Lights, Hassle-Free

We're known for our holiday lighting services, and rightly so. Not only do we take the hassle out of the task so you don't have to, but we're able to install simple to complex lighting designs with reliable lighting systems. Before we begin a project, we test all our lighting supplies and systems and ensure they're all approved for energy efficiency, performance, and safety. Additionally, we offer the option to have your lighting decorations fully automated to save energy throughout the season, and we work hard to complete installation projects quickly and efficiently. So, if you're tired of stringing lights yourself only to stress out, give us a call and let us do the job for you. No job is too large.

As an added bonus, once your lights are installed, we will even visit periodically to ensure your lights are shining like new. If we see a problem, we'll tend to it promptly to keep your lighting display looking its best.

We'll Cover the Cleanup

Let's face it, the last thing anyone feels like doing after opening presents and digging into a holiday feast is to clean and pack up the holiday decorations. Fortunately, that is another service we provide. In addition to blinging out your home in lights, our team will take down all the lighting systems, effectively returning your home to normal.

Let Holiday Decorating of New Jersey do the heavy lifting, so you can spend the holidays with those who matter most. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment with one of our team members, and together we'll hash out a plan for your holiday lighting display. What are you waiting for? Call now.

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